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You have enough things on your mind.

Your hair loss shouldn’t be one of them.

Medical hair loss is caused by medical treatments such as chemotherapy and medical conditions such as alopecia. In most cases of chemotherapy treatments, hair loss is a temporary condition that will be reversed once treatments stop. However, it remains very disheartening to the woman who experiences hair loss. These women seek effective solutions to maintain their self‑confidence, self-esteem and image. We know!

Recover With Confidence providers specialize in helping women to deal with all types of medically induced hair loss. Our providers are keenly aware and sympathetic to all the challenges you are currently facing, and are here to help you!

While chemotherapy treatments may cause a range of side effects that can be very difficult physically, none can be more psychologically and emotionally debilitating than the loss of your hair.  Our specialists are happy to offer you professional advice and literature on how you will be able to minimize the effect of hair loss. They will help boost your self-esteem and confidence, while on your way to recovery.

Recover With Confidence is a National Organization made up of hair loss experts from all over the United States who undergo rigourous training and education to become certified by Recover With Confidence as Medical Hair Loss Specialists.  Recover With Confidence providers partner with your local medical community to provide a safe, comfortable environment with knowledgeable, specially trained licensed cosmetologists committed to providing products and services to assist their clients in feeling beautiful and confident.

Recover With Confidence has also partnered with the leading hair manufacturer in the world to provide a product that will ensure you feel confident, comfortable and natural during your treatment process.  Experience for yourself the difference in our team’s committment to your well-being.  Contact us to locate the Recover With Confidence location nearest to you.

This is our Promise:

  • To assist with and/or provide insurance billing
  • To provide a warm, caring and private environment
  • To guide you through the process.  When the time comes, we will even clip your hair, if you wish.  We will have your wig (cranial prosthetic) ready and customized for a perfect fit when you need it.
  • To provide a product with materials specifically created for women whose skin is very sensitive.
  • We promise that all materials will be soft, natural, breathable and very comfortable.
  • All stylists are licensed cosmetologists who are also trained and certified consultants and wig fitters.

This is our PROMISE to you.

Information Resource

Our Recover With Confidence providers are certified Medical Hair Loss Specialists. They understand your hair loss and special needs that result from losing your hair due to medical treatments. Whether your hair loss is a result of your Cancer treatments, alopecia or any other medical condition or treatment, our Hair Loss Specialists can help! We provide a safe, caring environment for you to ask questions, and get answers – all with a compassionate professional. Recover With Confidence providers can also help with insurance billing.

Free Consultation

Recover With Confidence has helped thousands find their solution to their hair loss. Our Medical Hair Loss Specialists offer FREE private, confidential, “no pressure” consultations to all women with medically induced hair loss, no matter the cause. We can help you find your solution too! All Recover With Confidence providers have talented, licensed cosmetologists on staff to assist with the perfect wig choice, color and style – all included as a part of your service! Our team will be there to discuss all options available and help find the solution that works best for you! Our promise to you is that our staff will make the experience of choosing your wig less stressful. You will probably find yourself actually enjoying the experience.

With You All The Way

Recover With Confidence providers will be there for you even after you have found your solution to your hair loss. If your medical wig needs attention, just call your Recover With Confidence provider and they will take care of everything! Our Medical Hair Loss Specialists will also be there when your hair begins to grow back following your treatment. Since they are licensed cosmetologists certified in Medical Hair Loss, they are especially equipped to assist you with making sure your hair grows in healthy, strong and beautifully!


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  • I wish I knew about Recover With Confidence sooner. I can’t wait to tell my patients.

    Dr. Malone
  • I want to express my sincerest appreciation for your courteous and professional service. You have managed to restore a long-lost sense of confidence. I am so amazed at my transformation. My only regret is that I waited so long!

    Judy M
  • Kelli was a miracle. She (Kelli at Illuminations by Borrelli’s Salon) immediately set to work to style a wig that looked so much like my own hair, even my mother was fooled.

    Mary F. about Illuminations
  • I’m normally a pretty confident person. I knew I had to do something. I needed to do it for me. Recover With Confidence was the best decision I ever made.

    Rhonda C.
  • No matter what, you always want to feel feminine and look beautiful. You really don’t want to look and feel like a patient. Recover with Confidence has given me the opportunity to have a totally new, versatile and beautiful image.

    Kayla Martell2011 Miss America Finalist
  • I was upset to hear I would lose my hair after the first treatment. Kelli was a miracle. She (as a Recover With Confidence provider) immediately set to work to style a wig that looked so much like my own hair, even my mother was fooled.

    Mary F.Recover With Confident Client
  • I wish I knew about Recover With Confidence sooner. I can’t wait to tell my patients.

    Dr. MaloneRecover With Confidence Client
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