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Illuminations and Recover With Confidence

Below is information regarding the upcoming Illuminations, Recover with Confidence Grand Opening scheduled October 23 &24, 2013 (this date is subject to change, see below)

Background: Kelli Christie is the Owner of Borrelli’s Salon in Alpharetta, GA. Kelli has a very successful upscale business. A few years ago she feels that she “found her calling” when she began to work with cancer patients. On April 26, 2010, Kelli partnered with Recover with Confidence. She is so very committed to this segment – and she is the PERFECT face and example of success! Kelli was an integral part of organizing and launching the very first Look Good Feel Better for TEENS in Atlanta. Kelli’s success with this market has continued to grow.

Kelli decided to segment a part of her business to devote strictly to women who lose their hair due to medical reasons and opened a new division called “Illuminations by Borrelli”. Within a short period, she had to expand and took over the space next to her salon for Illuminations. You can find information at her website: http://borrellissalon.com/

Kelli appeared on Fox Atlanta in 2012 which you can view this at the link below. I think that once you’ve viewed this, you will agree that she is just perfect for PR and on camera. http://www.myfoxatlanta.com/story/17870580/alpharetta-salon-helps-women-with-cancer

Kelli has been approached by three separate hospitals to head up and open wellness salons inside of their hospitals.  The first – and most immediate one is Kennestone Hospital http://www.wellstar.org/medical-care/cancer/pages/cancer.aspx in Marietta, GA.  A nurse with cancer was referred to Kelly after having a bad experience looking for wigs.  She was thrilled. She then began working for Kennestone Hospital and told them about Kelly.  The “powers that be” at the hospital have aggressively pursued Kelli and they have come to an agreement.

They are building a beautiful new cancer center slated to open in 2014 where Kelly would be allowed to design and set up everything.  In the meantime, they want her to move into their current location and will give her 3 – 4 rooms to use.  According to the nursing department, they get about 90 NEW Breast cancer patients per month – and that’s just breast cancer.  They want Kelly to staff the locations (existing and the new one) with stylists.

Kelli wants to share this success with the Recover with Confidence program. She included Recover with Confidence in her presentations, documents and agreements with the hospital and everything was approved. Kelli’s target start date will be the first week of October and we have scheduled a “Grand Opening” event on October 23 & 24, 2012. The address for the hospital is below:

320 Kennestone Hospital Blvd. Ste 107 Marietta, GA. 30067

Kelli’s work number is 770-772-0009 and her cell is 770-316-2274 – you can call her anytime.  She really wants our help in promoting this opening – she said that she believed the hospital would support our efforts.

Important Notes

Date of Proposed Event: October 23 & 24, 2013 – – NOTE: Kelli is awaiting the execution of the lease agreement with the hospital. All other agreements have been signed and approved, this is the final one. The agreement has been agreed upon by all parties – but they have not actually signed it yet. Kelli will notify us the day it’s signed (should be any day). HOWEVER – – we should NOT post any dates with media until we are positive. As a final resort, if we need to we can reschedule the event until the first week of November.
Note that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month – – we should work that into the event.

On Rite has already agreed:

  • To provide a videographer to video the event. This video will belong to both Kelli and Recover with Confidence.
  • To provide photography at event
  • To provide large banners and posters etc…
  • To provide free wigs during the two day event

Kelli would like to do whatever she can to help promote RWC, we just need to tell her what to do.

IMPORTANT – All PR/media that uses the Kennestone name MUST be approved by the hospital. Kelli will be forwarding the contact person and their information to us shortly.

We should also get Kelli’s approval on everything.
During the event, we will be inviting nurses and staff to visit during their breaks and lunch. There will be snacks.
We will ask the nurses to refer patients for the free RWC hair and service. This will encourage Nurses to participate as well as create a bond between the nursing team and Illuminations/RWC.
Kelli has a relationship with some of the Children’s Cancer Centers and will attempt to get a couple of children for the event.
Would love some media at the event as well as social media and other methods pre-event to ensure success.

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