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New Solutions Helping Women Recover With Confidence

Studio 5 Day Spa Offers Local Support For Men, Women and Children Challenged by Hair Loss

Mechanicsville, MD Studio 5 Hair Gallery & Day Spa has launched a new program here in Mechanicsville, Maryland by partnering with Recover With Confidence. Recover With Confidence is an organization dedicated to fostering a community for people dealing with medical hair loss while meeting all their unique needs. Coping with medical hair loss is extremely difficult. It can arise as part of a disease such as alopecia or as the result of a cancer treatment. Everyone dealing with medical hair loss has one thing in common, the desire to look and feel normal again.

Studio 5 Hair Gallery & Day Spa owner Gwen Beverly shares, “Studio 5 Hair Gallery & Day Spa offers custom designed non-surgical hair replacement solutions with high quality, 100% human hair for anyone challenged by hair loss. People with conditions such as Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis, Alopecia Universalis, Androgenetic Alopecia — hereditary thinning, Trichotillomania — hair pulling, chemotherapy, radiation and medical hair loss, have traveled to Studio 5 over the past 12 years to successfully benefit from our innovative hairpiece designs.”

Studio 5 Hair Gallery & Day Spa:  Studio 5 is a full service day spa salon and hair restoration center that offers modern haircutting techniques, custom hair pieces, hair extensions, creative haircolor artistry, hair texturizing, therapeutic massage, aromatherapy, manicures, pedicures, facials and wax hair removal services. Their primary focus remains to offer solutions for individuals suffering from hair loss. Hair extensions are not only utilized to offer long and lush hair, but to create new hair as well. Studio 5 Hair Gallery & Day Spa is truly committed to restoring the self-confidence of both their male and female clients who have endured hair loss, to ensure they are able to enjoy the transformation back to a full head of hair. As an industry leader, Gwen Beverly has raised the bar in hair loss prevention and hair loss restoration by investing and working with hair replacement systems that are unsurpassed in quality and comfort. Studio 5 uses professional custom-made hair extensions to fill in the affected area with hair or if the hair loss is at the top of their head, a hair system to cover the affected area.  The Studio 5 team has been successful in treating both men and women who suffer from hair loss because they understand their conditions and the aesthetic and emotional impact that hair loss can have. Their Studio 5 clients come there because they want to look and feel better. They want to look normal and to be able to lead normal lives.

Recover With Confidence: Rhonda McCarthy, a nationally recognized expert in women’s hair replacement and the Director of Recover with Confidence shares, “So many women feel there is nowhere to turn, but they do think about their hair loss challenges. We are a sisterhood of 30 million. We need to help women who are experiencing the many challenging stages of hair loss. Any woman dealing with hair loss should know what options she has and that she is not alone!” Recover with Confidence works to ensure that women dealing with medical hair loss have a safe and private place to go for help.

Affiliated Recover with Confidence hair studios are put through a rigorous education and certification program for wig application techniques. In addition, they also go the extra mile and explain how to work with various insurance providers for easy billing. Most importantly, Recover with Confidence teaches compassion. They teach their hair replacement professionals how to best help women deal with the emotional strain that weighs on each person who deals with medical hair loss. The standard for being an affiliate within the Recover with Confidence program is very high. This selective process is what allows Recover with Confidence to remain a highly reputable resource for salons and hair replacement centers today. They need to be ready to provide clients with only the finest quality human hair designs carefully constructed for comfort and style.

Support From Kayla Martell: One Woman who has worked with Recover with Confidence for years now, is Kayla Martell. At eleven years old Martell was losing her hair due to alopecia. She did not let that unfortunate challenge stop her from becoming the 2010 Miss Delaware or a top finalist in the 2011 Miss America Pageant. As a result of Martell’s experience, she knows all too well the trials and tribulations that come about when women lose their hair. Not only is a woman’s outward appearance affected, but her confidence and emotional stability are shaken as well. Kayla Martell shares, “When you take the diagnosis, medicine and patient stigmas away, every woman still wants to look and feel like a woman. No matter what, you always want to feel feminine and look beautiful. You really don’t want to look and feel like a patient. Recover with Confidence has given me the opportunity to have a totally new, versatile and beautiful image. Today, Martell is on a personal mission to help other women with any stage of hair loss find the best solution for their individual needs.  Martell has successfully transformed herself from a ‘Woman in need’ to a ‘Woman in fashion’.

Join Recover With Confidence: With help from Recover with Confidence, you too can make the transition from a “Woman in need” to a “Woman in fashion!” For more information and a complimentary consultation, contact Studio 5 Hair Gallery & Day Spa at 301-884-3553 or visit 30051 Point Lookout Road, Mechanicsville, MD 20659. www.Studio5Salon.com. You may also call Rhonda McCarthy at 800-327-5555 EXT: 3340 and visit www.RecoverWithConfidence.com.

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