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Rhonda McCarthy

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Helping Women Recover With Confidence

Rhonda McCarthy has dedicated her career to helping men, women and children find their solutions to their hair loss.  McCarthy travels across the country setting up events and seminars focused on educating people with hair loss as to the causes and solutions available.

Rhonda McCarthy was working as a consultant when she met Andrew Wright of the On Rite Company. McCarthy quickly decided out that On Rite was the place for her and following the end of her non-compete with another competitive business, she started to work for On Rite. Rhonda McCarthy’s previous retail experience with a national hair replacement business, made her a valuable asset.

McCarthy quickly found her niche at On Rite, developing innovative new training programs for clients. McCarthy shares, “Hair replacement professionals do not necessarily know how to effectively facilitate retail sales and it is tough to make the transition from their service-oriented skills.” Due to the strong relationships that McCarthy has built over time, many salons and hair loss studios confide in her. They give her their “inside scoop” on professional hair loss services and products. This open line of communications has greatly helped On Rite to improve their services, programs and products in many practical ways. This in turn has helped the professional, while making every product and service much better for the consumer.

When we consider candidates for this program, we conduct an in-depth interview. I am always doing my best to figure out if they have the passion for this.

Rhonda McCarthy recently took on another key role within the On Rite Organization. The Recover with Confidence program came about while McCarthy was facilitating one of her special programs in San Diego. McCarthy recalls “One of our clients had about thirty women show up. Nationally respected author of ‘Breaking The Silence On Women’s Hair Loss’, Candace Hoffmann was there to do the education portion of the presentation and then I got up to speak about solutions to hair loss. Afterwards, I was running from room to room, doing hair and scalp analysis. A woman stepped in front of me with a hat on her head. She introduced herself and said, ‘What about women like me?’ while taking off her hat to reveal a bald head.” The woman continued, telling McCarthy about her home life and sudden cancer diagnosis. Within a week, she was having surgery. When she came out of the surgery they scheduled her first chemotherapy visit. The woman stated, “I haven’t told many people and I want to keep it under wraps. Nobody at my office knows except the HR person. When I went to the first chemotherapy visit, the doctor told me that I would lose my hair fairly quickly and that’s when everything crashed in on me. That’s when I realized that oh my God, everybody is going to know!”

When we consider candidates for this program, we conduct an in-depth interview. I am always doing my best to figure out if they have the passion for this.

McCarthy’s response was exactly what you would expect with a bit of surprise, empathy and determination. She immediately got on the telephone with Andy Wright, the On Rite owner and their management team. She proposed the idea to set up a national organization to help all women in need of hair loss solutions. Quickly, the Recover with Confidence program was launched. Today, the Recover with Confidence program is focused on helping women with medically related hair loss get back to their lives before the diagnosis. This program has created a comprehensive network of salons and hair loss professionals that have been certified in medical hair replacement. Part of McCarthy’s role is to help guide these specialized salons and hair replacement studios through the entire process. When it comes to selecting affiliated salons and hair loss clinics to become part of the Recover With Confidence program, Rhonda McCarthy is very picky. McCarthy says, “We have said no to people. When we consider candidates for this program, we conduct an in-depth interview. I am always doing my best to figure out if they have the passion for this. They can do it for the money, yet I don’t believe they will be as successful as they could be without the pure passion to help others with hair loss challenges. I think that the nurses will sense that when they walk in the door. The patients will sense that too. I always tell them the money will come, but you cannot go into this career or service strictly for the money.” It is this type of approach that makes Recover with Confidence such a successful and worthwhile program. Rhonda McCarthy continues, “The entire concept for Recover with Confidence is to have places where oncologists and nurses will feel confident to send their patients. That’s one of the primary reasons why Recover with Confidence works so well. We will go into a hair replacement studio to train the staff, so that each and every one has been properly certified and trained.”Once the hair replacement studio has been certified, there is still plenty of support that Rhonda McCarthy and the Recover with Confidence team offers including how to conduct professional consultations. Typically one of these indoctrination sessions takes at least two days and they may take as long as one week. According to McCarthy, “Nothing is more powerful than being able to sit down with a consultant after training and show them how to properly facilitate a consultation. Many of the prospective hair loss clients are stressed, worried and in a weakened frame of mind. They do not know what options and opportunities are available to them. The hair replacement specialists need training and constant reassurance, to become successful. Even if they become a great hair replacement specialist, they may experience a series of rejections to their presentation ideas, which will start to affect them. By working with each hair loss specialist and sales consultant, while taking them through the presentation process to see what might have gone right as well as what may have gone wrong, we have helped them become very effective at counteracting the overwhelming nature of rejection to successfully move on.”

Today, McCarthy is the Director of New Business Development. Rhonda McCarthy plays many key roles within the On Rite organization. From client training to the Recover with Confidence program, McCarthy is involved with Women’s Hair Loss Seminars, Gemtress, Ultratress Hair Extensions and The Hair Academy. Her extraordinary people skills and her vast experience allow her to be extremely successful for On Rite and all of their affiliates. On Rite is proudly a much stronger organization with Rhonda McCarthy. Thousands of women have gotten through their medical hair loss with poise and confidence, because of her shared support.

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