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Twila Donley

Twila Donley

Twila Donley celebrated fifty years November, 2012, as the proud owner of Fantasia Salon.

Twila graduated from beauty school in 1960, and by the time she was twenty-six years old, she owned and operated three salons in the Twin Cities area.

Twila was a rare phenomenon, as a female business owner, in 1960. Twila had a vision and the passion to see her dreams come true. Twila wanted to exceed the expectations of her clients by providing excellence service in every area during their visits to Fantasia. Fifty years later, she is still an amazing example of how superior skill and customer service enables a business to thrive even in the ups and downs of an ever changing economy. Twila states, “If you provide a client with the service they came in for with a warm smile, a caring touch, and superior skills; they will be back.” Fantasia Salon is an exceptional example of that business standard.

Wigs in the sixties were a fashion statement, but soon the need for medical hair loss replacement was growing. Twila reached out to the medical community to share the great needed services she could provide for their patients suffering medical hair loss. She educated herself in response to the ever increasing need for cancer patients going through chemotherapy and radiation, as well as, the escalating cases of alopecia, trichotillomania, and hormonal hair loss.

In 2007, Twila discover the Recover With Confidence program and instantly realized her passion to help these women existed within this group. She became one of he program’s first providers. Once the National  Recover With Confidence team realized Twila’s talents, dedication and passion – they approached her to join the training team. Twila eagerly accepted and has not looked back since. She now travels the country training and certifying each potential Recover With Confidence provider all while keeping her business in Crystal, MN the caring and successful business for which it is known.

Her love and passion for servicing women has never changed. Well, that’s not true. Actually her enthusiasm has grown even more over the years, as she recognizes the wonderful services Recover With Confidence is able to provide to its surrounding community and many neighboring states.

Twila is a member of her local Chamber of Commerce, Business Association, and the American Hair Loss Council; Recover With Confidence, Gilda’s Club, Fabulous Faces, Trichotillomania Learning Center, and too many medical clinics to mention.

Twila is always seeking the latest in science breakthroughs, innovative technology, and training for her and her staff that will enable Fantasia to service their clients to the high standard that Twila has always held herself accountable.

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