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I was upset to hear I would lose my hair after the first treatment. Kelli was a miracle. She (as a Recover With Confidence provider) immediately set to work to style a wig that looked so much like my own hair, even my mother was fooled.”

Mary F. – Recover With Confidence client, Atlanta, GA

When patients come in for their initial consultation, they usually are very nervous, dealing with the realization that they have lost or will soon lose their hair. Once they come back the second and third time, they are much more comfortable. Over time, an important standard of trust is built.”

Recover With Confidence provider, Atlanta, GA

I am a firm believer that if you are fortunate enough to do OK, you should do your best to help others. I know sometimes you hear it quite often, yet I believe it’s so true. You do want to help other people. For us, it’s truly a privilege and an honor to help women in need. We are thankful that we can help provide private counseling and professional advice with haircare solutions.”

Recover With Confidence provider, Woodbridge, NJ

So many women feel there is nowhere to turn, but they do think about their hair loss challenges. We are a sisterhood of 30 million. We need to help women who are experiencing the many challenging stages of hair loss. Any woman dealing with hair loss should know what options she has and that she is not alone!”

Rhonda McCarthy, Recover With Confidence National Program Director 

When you take the diagnosis, medicine and patient stigmas away, every woman still wants to look and feel like a woman. No matter what, you always want to feel feminine and look beautiful. You really don’t want to look and feel like a patient. Recover with Confidence has given me the opportunity to have a totally new, versatile and beautiful image.”

Kayla Martell, 2010 Miss Delaware, 2011 Miss America Finalist, Recover With Confidence National Spokesperson

Due to genetics, I’ve always had fine hair and I got older I noticed my hair getting thinner. I was embarrassed to go swimming and get my head wet for fear of my scalp showing. I’m normally a pretty confident person. I knew I had to do something. I needed to do it for me. Recover With Confidence was the best decision I ever made.”

Rhonda C. – Recover With Confidence client, Chicago, IL

My goal is to make people look their absolute best” April says, “I will take any measure to make sure that happens.”

Recover With Confidence provider, Chicago, IL

At age 12, I was diagnosed with an obsessive compulsive disorder called Trichotillomania, which is the compulsive urge to pull out one’s own hair. I tried all kinds of doctors, prescriptions, hypnosis, and chemicals to stop this disorder and regrow my hair. I lived a life of hairspray, pony tails and praying it would not rain, not to mention the self-esteem issues I had to deal with at such an impressionable age. At age 28 I had enough. I hated living my life in fear that a bald spot was showing. This is when I decided to educate myself on my options to fix this problem I had been dealing with for so long. Recover With Confidence has given me my life and self-esteem back!”

Nikki M. – Recover With Confidence client, Crystal, MN

 I want to express my sincerest appreciation for your courteous and professional service. You have managed to restore a long-lost sense of confidence. I am so amazed at my transformation. My only regret is that I waited so long!”

Judy M. – Recover With Confidence client, Honesdale, PA

I wish I knew about Recover With Confidence sooner. I can’t wait to tell my patients.”

Dr. Malone – Recover With Confidence client, Pittsburgh, PA

Recover With Confidence is a wonderful program that is making a huge difference in the lives of countless patients dealing with their diagnosis and treatment of cancer. There is no better feeling than knowing that there are others who care about your comfort, privacy, appearance and overall well-being during a difficult time as chemotherapy.”

Recover With Confidence provider, Atlanta, GA

“We started the Recover With Confidence program in November of 2011 and now have thirty-three new medical partners in our Twin Cities and surrounding areas. Recover With Confidence has given us the credibility to be received by the medical community with sincere and genuine services that they realize are crucial to the emotional well-being of their patients.”

Recover With Confidence provider, Crystal, MN

 Dealing with hair loss is a devastating side effect of many cancer treatments. Patients must not only cope with their cancer diagnosis but also with significant changes in their body image and appearance. Having Recover With Confidence service available to our oncology patients has given hope, inspiration and the ability for our patients to face life again with renewed confidence and courage.”

Marilyn R. Gemme, R.N., M.S., Director of Oncology Services OSF Center for Cancer Care


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