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You have enough things on your mind.

Your hair loss shouldn’t be one of them.

“Recover With Confidence” providers are dedicated to helping women who are experiencing hair loss due to medical treatments.

It’s heartbreaking enough when a woman is diagnosed with cancer. But when treatment calls for chemotherapy, a whole list of “side issues” are raised; in addition to the physical effects of chemotherapy treatments, there is also a significant cosmetic complication: hair loss.

Recover With Confidence is a National Organization made up of hair loss experts from all over the United States who undergo rigorous training and educations to become certified by Recover With Confidence as Medical Hair Loss Specialists. Recover With Confidence partners with the local medical community to provide a safe, comfortable environment with knowledgeable, specially trained licensed cosmetologists committed to providing products and services to assist their clients in feeling beautiful and confident.

Recover With Confidence has also partnered with the leading hair manufacturer in the world to provide a product that will ensure you feel confident, comfortable, beautiful and natural during your treatment process. Experience for yourself the difference in our product and our team’s commitment to your well-being service by contacting us for the Recover With Confidence location nearest to you.

This is our Promise:

  • To assist with and/or provide insurance billing for your patients
  • To provide a warm, caring and private environment
  • To guide your patient through the process.  When the time comes, we will even clipper her hair, if she wishes.  We will have her wig (cranial prosthetic) ready and customized for a perfect fit when she needs it.
  • To provide a product with materials specifically created for women whose skin is very sensitive.  We promisethat all materials will be soft, natural, breathable and very comfortable.
  • The experience will be relaxing and pleasurable.
  • All stylists are licensed cosmetologists who are also trained and certified consultants and wig fitters.

What This Means To You

  • A safe, calm, private, caring environment focused entirely on you and your needs
  • A Medical Hair Loss Specialist to assist you
  • The most advanced technologies and techniques available
  • Customized and personalized solutions
  • Experienced Hair Stylists to customize your look
  • Wigs are hand made using the softest lightest materials available.  Available in Human Hair, European and Synthetic.  All are breathable, featherlight and non irritating to the scalp.  The look is completely natural – the hair appears to be growing from your scalp!
  • Medical Insurance billing or assistance with insurance billing
  • Professional styling, custom cut and color to give you the beautiful look you want!
  • Full range of solutions including medical wigs, non surgical hair replacement or laser therapy.
  • Recover With Confidence works hand in hand with your local medical team to provide you the most professional care possible
  • 28 Locations nationwide with more being certified every month.  Call for the location closest to you!

Get the answers to all of your

Recover With Confidence has helped thousands of women, men and children solve their medical hair loss and we can help you too.  Our partners are carefully selected and certified. You can be assured that whether your hair loss is a result of your chemotherapy, alopecia or other medical condition/treatment, our specialists can find your solution!


The problem with “fashion wigs,” as Recover with Confidence partner Nina Ragan, of Ultimate Image Studio in Sacramento, Calif., pointed out, is they really don’t suit the needs of chemotherapy patients. Most fashion wigs are a lot of work, requiring a high degree of care and upkeep, the last thing a woman undergoing chemotherapy needs.

Further, women who lose their hair through chemotherapy generally have very tender, sensitive scalps; the harsh materials that are usually the hallmark of fashion wigs can be agonizing.

Women who buy a wig through a catalog or e-retailer face another set of problems, chief among them is not having the wig professionally fitted, which can cause malfunction issues (the wig being loose or shifting) as well as comfort problems.

Debbie Mancuso of Hair Enhancements

One Recover With Confidence provider, Debbie Mancuso of Hair Enhancements in Pittsburgh, Pa., told a story of a chemotherapy patient who came to her with a wig she had bought elsewhere. “She was wearing turtlenecks all this time because her wig kept riding up and she was paranoid the back of her head would show skin. Her husband told her she walked like she had a stiff neck. This was because she was afraid to move, since it always felt as if her wig was coming off.” Mancuso replaced the woman’s old wig with a properly fitted one. Then, “I had her stand up and turn her head over and shake it hard; she could not believe that the wig did not move. She said she couldn’t wait to go home and put a V-neck on and throw away her turtlenecks. They [the client and her husband] just left, and she was crying she was so happy.”

While the preceding story might not seem like much to the average person, for women suffering from hair loss, it describes a minor victory. Achieving one minor victory after another, for a chemotherapy patient, is what puts her on the path to “Recover With Confidence.”

Our Recover With Confidence partners have an altruistic side too, that comes from their passion to help enhance the lives of their community.

There’s the case of 13-year-old Melissa, who came to the attention of Bobbi Russell’s Hair Therapy for Women in Tampa, Fla., through a social worker from All Children’s Hospital, in St. Petersburg. Said Melissa, “When they came to the hospital to talk to me about getting a wig and that it would be done at no charge, my dream came true. It’s very hard being a teenage girl and losing your hair.” Her mother, Jo, added, “Melissa looks beautiful, and what a great start to gaining back her confidence and self-esteem after chemo. Thank you so much. You all have blessed our lives.” Read more about Melissa here.

The Recover With Confidence movement is growing throughout the country in cities large and small. If it’s not in your locality right now, it will be soon.

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